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Luggage hardware classification

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Luggage hardware accessories can be roughly classified according to the following: material, shape, color, specifications, etc.

The material:

Cases and bags are divided into iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other die-casting hardware according to the material.


According to the specific product category, luggage hardware can be divided into pull rod, small wheel, mushroom nail, bump nail, foot nail, hollow nail, pull head, corns, D buckle, dog buckle, pin pass, belt buckle, chain, coil, lock, magnetic button, all kinds of trademark and decorative hardware. All sorts of hardware have different differentiate by function or shape specifically. And all kinds of hardware fittings also have a lot of specifications.


There are many colors of metal plating in cases and bags: white lightening, gold, gun black, bronze, chrome, etc. Electroplating also has many places to pay attention to, different electroplating color process requirements are not the same. The export should pay attention to whether it meets the environmental protection and non-toxic requirements.

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