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Luggage hardware production process

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1. First of all, a new product to the manufacturer's hand is to make the mold, the production of the mold is very key, a product to the manufacturer's hand is the first condition for the manufacturer to know how to make the mold, because do not understand the production of the mold can not determine whether to do this product.

2. The second step is to put the die-casting products into the die-casting machine Die casting machine tonnage, ordinary luggage hardware accessories are generally used 25 tonnage of the die casting machine, with a die-casting machine also has great skill in good product, it depends on the suppression of machine the skill of the master, to crack down on machine to control the pressure, when pressure product there will be a lot of burr is also very demanding, pressure is too small the product surface will appear potholes , the surface of the product will not be smooth, so the press master must control the machine to play a good product! The product will be broken after it comes out.

3. Enter the third polishing, this is the luggage hardware accessories products one of the most important steps in the process of production, like women's jewelry, shiny bright smooth because of highly polished burnish, then electroplating to work out such a shiny, luggage hardware accessories this line actually, English, with jewelry hardware products, such as a lot of the production process is the same process, so To make something shiny and smooth is to polish it.

4. The fourth step is, to put the product on the bag so to JiaoPian wire, iron wire on the JiaoPian is the way to use die casting die casting, used to be three tons of punch press, to use machine drilling RIGS to press down, using all of these RIGS and progress of science and technology, production tools also changed! There is also a link is some of the screws, so to tap a screw hole out, here is used to tap a screw hole out of the tapping machine.

5. Master here depends on electroplating electroplating technology, to wash the sulfate product impurity, then render the last time to the products of the bronze thing it is to render, render as thick as possible, and then into the electroplating electroplating electroplating time is too long in cylinder no Too short then more not line, plating finish one product is pulled from the shelves After package sent to the customer's hand.

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